Welcome to Alchemy Studio & Gallery!

Welcome to Alchemy Studio & Gallery! What does it mean? I get this question from time to time.

Alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination. I can’t think of a better definition of art making. The dictionary also describes it as “ the medieval forerunner of chemistry”. It’s pronounced just like the name Al + chemy, like chemistry. Accent on Al.

I chose it because it describes an exploration based in curiosity and wonder, and that’s what art making it to me — still filled with mystery. I love the process of making stuff, the not knowing exactly what may emerge.

People ask me the same question about my paintings — what does it mean? I rarely have a definitive answer, but I can talk about the process. That’s where the fun happens, in the making.

We hope to make this an art space where you can explore art, talk about it, learn and even make it yourself. It’s just us sisters right now, but we plan to include other artists, host juried shows, conduct workshops, and create community projects. Our mission is to inspire and encourage the process…the alchemy.

Regina Lee

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