About The Gallery

Sisters Regina Lee and Dana Dorman opened Alchemy Studio and Gallery in March 2018 as a lab, workroom and exhibition space. Currently, it features two-dimensional works by Regina, ceramics by Dana, and jewelry by several local artisans.

The Artists


Regina Lee

Dana Dorman

The impulse to create has always been with me.  I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t making, assembling or transforming things.  

My current work is mostly mixed media and acrylic paintings. Some abstracted landscapes feature surprising texture and color, and most are more heavily influenced by place. The coastal landscapes and urban backdrop of downtown Galveston island inspire every day.  

I frequently incorporate words as well, borrowing from my career as a journalist and creative writer.  I love bringing my two worlds together in unexpected ways.  Storytelling seems to be the common thread, and even when the visual art pieces contain no words, they still tell tales.  My favorite pieces are those that prompt questions and spark conversation.

Art gives me the freedom to create, express and connect in unexpected ways. The clay is a miracle in itself; flexible, forgiving, strong.

Mud, transformed and transforming me. (Or the artist?)

Firing a piece of work requires courage. I always fear my ceramics work won’t make it through the process from clay to bisque to final glaze or multiple firings unscathed. But when the kiln gods are good, someone like Wilhelmina (the fat lady) emerges. Who they finally become or what the content means to the audience can surprise me at times. I love this about creating.

I’m inspired by human relationships and by the natural world. Characters come to me and insist on being made. When they emerge as dreamed of and receive acknowledgement as others recognize them its worth all the fear and anxiety! These characters sometimes give way to more abstract forms, my interpretations and twists on functional pieces. I like reinventing functional vessels. I usually have a box or other work in progress… When I begin to think outside the box …Some symbols pop up repeatedly in my work without conscious planning. This doesn’t surprise me and sometimes delights me as the pieces evolve and change during the process.

I’ve been fascinated with making things since childhood. I have felt completely supported by the artist community in southeast Texas. Finding Linnis Blanton’s ceramic class while working on my painting degree turned out to be a critical juncture in my creative journey. I consider myself an artist, who paints and is passionate about ceramics.

Using clay or the earth as a medium, connects me to the planet. I know this sounds cliché, but there really is magic with working with the elements, earth, water fire. Ceramics artwork becomes meditative and spirit seeking. Painting challenges me in a completely different way. It is cerebral and emotional.

My hope is that my work will spark an internal dialog with the viewer. Whether it’s about technique the process of achieving a specific glaze, or painting brushstroke or about content…the delicacies of human relationships I hope that a conversation gets started. Even better if it is between two humans.

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